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Hi! is started by a small group of dedicated Mathematics teachers who hope to impart the best mathematical skills so that students can excel in their studies, examinations as well as in future careers.  Materials are specially prepared and tuition group sizes are kept small for maximum effect.  At, we have a knack for making the learning of Math engaging for our students.

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Our Maths Tutors

Mr Sim and Ms Soh forms our Mathematics Tag-team.  Mr Sim specialises in Upper Secondary Mathematics while Ms Soh specialises in Lower Secondary Mathematics.  Mr Sim has been passionately teaching for several years and builds strong bonds with his students. Ms Soh, with her years of excellent teaching track record, skilfully lays the foundations of Mathematics within students, in preparation for their learning of more difficult concepts later on.

Mr TanDue to his passion in Mathematics, Mr Teo has been teaching Mathematics for many years in various international schools as well as enrichment and tuition centres. Being an experienced teacher, he has a special way of explaining a difficult mathematical concept simply for easy understanding and learning. In addition, Mr Teo coaches students the skill of solving Mathematics problem sums, not only to help students to lay a solid foundation in Mathematics but also to ensure the highest scores possible.

Mr Tony holds a Masters degree in Math on a PSC Teaching Scholarship to UK and returned to Singapore to teach in an IP school for 5 years before heading to NIE as a researcher and trainer of teachers.  Mr Tony possesses a passion for applied Mathematics, and is now teaching with a mission.  He endeavours to help his students see the relevance of Mathematics in their daily lives - in Art, Science, Economics, Finance and even Philosophy - with the intention of helping them fall in love with the subject.

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